Volunteer Jobs and Internships

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES                                             

Those who volunteer their time with the Metta Center for Nonviolence are embarking on a wonderful journey. Individuals can find community and purpose in this work, and we look forward to hearing from you if you would like to apply for any internship positions.

Some benefits you will experience by giving your time:

  • Feel good about the impact you have made
  • Find a deeper purpose in your life
  • Receive training that can support you in future careers or service
  • Meet new people with diverse backgrounds and interests
  • Explore the nonviolent community through real life experience
  • Obtain valuable experience for your resume and recommendations from a respected organization
  • Take an active role in establishing a sense of community through meaningful work
  • Other benefits include: gaining a base of support, team building, and becoming part of an in depth nonviolence definition that is unique to the field we are in.

Send an email to info[at]mettacenter.org after reading some of our interests and needs below.




Available Internship Opportunities-


Graphic Designer

Essential Functions: creating and designing event posters, annual reports

PowerPoint slides, graphic linear models of concepts

Knowledge/skills/abilities: creative, good concentration, able to work in a timely manner, finish assignments on time, previous skills in designing, portfolio,

Software already provided can do most work from home



Essential Functions: edit opinion pieces, go through publications and booklets, review and write emails on website, manage email list, make corrections

Knowledge/skills/abilities: attention to detail, good grasp of English language and punctuation, previous experience in editing, writing or degree in field.



Essential Functions: typing lectures and videos created by the Metta Center

Knowledge/skills/abilities: computer skills, fast typing skills

Outreach Coordinator/Publicity Associate

Essential Functions: Contact groups and community for different events coming up, design online advertisements, making contacts, contact newspapers, connect with interested organizations, contact journalists to promote Metta and our mission (for example, target teachers groups and associations for upcoming teacher retreats)

Knowledge/skills/abilities: social, outgoing, organized, interest in online research


Event Worker

Essential Functions: work at events, welcoming, set up, break down, run errands

Knowledge/skills/abilities: no specific skills required.



Essential Functions: search for grants with Metta’s software, assist in grant writing, maintain fundraising calendar, participate in donor cultivation and gift appreciation, participate in webinars about fundraising skills to share knowledge

Knowledge/skills/abilities: research capability, writing skills, understanding of Metta’s mission and programs



Essential Functions: harvest crops, compost in Metta’s “generosity garden”, growing fresh food for Metta volunteers and staff

Knowledge/skills/abilities: interest in sustainable living, gardening, quality of life and growing own food


Foreign Translation Liaison

Essential Functions: keep in contact with translators working on editions of “Search for a Nonviolent Future”, answer/relay their questions, seek new translators for different languages, determine costs for new translation opportunities

Knowledge/skills/abilities: no specific language skills required other than English.


Video Editor

Essential Functions: edit raw video footage to present on Metta’s website,

Knowledge/skills/abilities: video editing skills, work can be done from home


Science Consultant

Essential Functions: interviews and updates on the correlation between science and spirituality, research, evidence, quantum theory, create and maintain possible science blog on website, curriculum for nonviolence: know what is being used currently and potential for expansion

Knowledge/skills/abilities: background in sciences, deep interest in environmental science, life as a whole, nonviolence education and history


Tech Consultant

Essential Functions: handle any computer issues, hardware/software, phone calls

Knowledge/skills/abilities: Mac computer expert, familiar with software, IT



Essential Functions: create quarterly newsletter with testimonials and program updates, build a sense of community, highlight where donations are going, how resources are spent wisely, send to mailing list and past donors.

Knowledge/skills/abilities: writing and editing skills