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Refugee Stories from Izmir

A refugee child still wears his life vest after safely reaching the beach of Kos, Greece. Photo courtesy of Okke Ornstein

The following post was contributed by Annika Roes, who is currently in Izmir, Turkey, where she is volunteering with a refugee support group. Annika interned with the Metta Center last April.   It is a Tuesday night, and it is already a bit late when the doorbell rings. Another five people have come to join… read more

A Lesson (Still) Not Learned

Thanks to Counter Punch, Pace e Bene, and The Sierra County Prospect for publishing this essay on their sites.   I was deeply saddened to read last week of the death by suicide of Cmdr. Job Price who was with a Navy SEAL team in Afghanistan. I was even sadder when I realized that the… read more

Emergence: The Winter 2015/2016 Issue

MC Yogi appears on the cover of the Winter 2015/2016 issue of Emergence, which revolves around yoga, spirituality, and action. In addition to touring the world with his music, MC Yogi runs a yoga studio in Point Reyes Station, CA. He has taught yoga at diverse venues, from festivals and museums to the White House… read more

Behavior Change Practices in Schools

Kids raise hands

Perhaps part of what makes restorative practices so effective is that these practices embody a variety of approaches to behavior change. These approaches markedly contrast with what many media outlets have served the public in 2015; numerous news reports, that highlighted the use of physical force and sometimes violence in schools, dominated the public’s attention… read more

What the World Needs Most: Real Freedom

What the world needs most at this time is free human beings—for each and every one of us to fully realize that we’re not mere consumers, or wage/wealth slaves, or pawns in geopolitical games; that we’re free to find peace and happiness. That we’re free to love ourselves, as we are. That we’re free to… read more

COP21 – the Unrecognized Milestone


In the following post, Miki Kashtan, author, co-founder of Bay Area NVC and lead collaboration consultant at The Center for Efficient Collaboration, offers her reflections on the process that brought 195 countries into consensus at the COP21. Then, Michael Nagler, President of the Metta Center for Nonviolence, responds with his additional thoughts regarding the principles… read more

Q&A: Artist Robert Shetterly

“The greatest gift of art is that it can give people permission to think differently, to alter both consciousness and conscience,” says Robert Shetterly. “Well-made art authenticates its own message. We can’t have enough good art.” Robert is a self-taught visual artist and a writer and cultural change agent. His painting of humane educator Zoe… read more

Nonviolence Education: The Story of Broad Rock

The following post was written by Carol Bragg, a graduate of the Metta Center’s Certificate in Nonviolence Studies program. Imagine a school where, each morning, the principal recites one of the principles of nonviolence and asks students to think about that principle throughout the day. Picture a school that has monthly assemblies devoted to one… read more

Implementing Restorative Practices in School

Many school administrators and educators have some familiarity with bringing nonviolence strengths to education through restorative practices for school settings. Although, quality portrayals of what school restorative practices might look like severely lack in online spaces. There are a few videos on YouTube (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and there are some very helpful… read more