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Restorative Practices in Schools: 8 Concerns

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Given the reasons that restorative practices in schools could be a good idea (see those reasons here, here, and here), why aren’t all schools adopting restorative practices? Based on my experiences in restorative practices—teaching, researching, and consulting with schools—I’ve come to see eight prominent concerns. 1. Schools are not ready for restorative practices There likely… read more

Restorative Activism – Podcast

This week on Peace Paradigm Radio, we speak with Scott Brown (activist, author, scholar, and co-founder of Colorado Center for Restorative Practices) about Restorative Activism and why systemic change begins with ourselves. And on Nonviolence in the News we have positive updates about Campaign Nonviolence, Alliance for Peace, the struggles against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and… read more

The Ethics of Nonviolent Action

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Events in recent years such as the Arab Spring, Occupy movements and “Umbrella Revolution” in Hong Kong, have contributed to highlighting various ways in which people form movements to bring about political and social changes they desire, despite the oppression they face from their own governments. Images of repression and violence, like the ones of… read more

The Age of Adolescents


In his book Nature and the Human Soul, Bill Plotkin outlines the eight stage ecocentric cycle of human development. He also calls this the soulcentric cycle, using “soul” to describe the innate purpose or calling in your life, or “the truth at the center of the image you were born with” to borrow from the… read more

Summer Reading List: Transformative Books

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Every summer brings lists for the “best beach reads.” What about books that help us stay engaged and inspired throughout the summer? Here’s a list of nonviolence must-reads. Peace to you and happy reading.   Beyond Forgiveness, edited by Phil Cousineau Beyond Forgiveness includes essays by Metta Center’s president, Michael Nagler, and executive director, Stephanie… read more

Q&A: Tord Dellsén, Daily Metta App Volunteer

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Tord Dellsén lives in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest (and incredibly picturesque) city. He is our volunteer coordinator for the Daily Metta App project, which he also serves with his programming and documentation skills. “I was (and am!) glad that I could contribute to an organization doing important and intelligent work,” Tord says. “I’ve been doing a… read more

Nonviolent Communication in School Settings


In a previous post, we’ve introduced in-school restorative practices as tools to address discipline in a way that keeps students engaged in learning. We’ve situated restorative practices as components of developing person power, and components of a constructive program that envisions alternatives to punitive responses to behaviors. We’ve also addressed two common misconceptions about restorative… read more

When the Heart Breaks

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The following post was contributed by Annabelle Berrios, JD, MA. Learn more about Annabelle on her website:   “You are the Sultan.” This is the point that Scheherazade made to her husband in the climax of One Thousand and One Nights. The Sultan had been lamenting the existence of a law that dictated that… read more