In response to the Newtown massacre: a spiritual practice

We have not used this blog heretofore to recommend a spiritual practice, but felt called upon to offer something to the many who have come to this site or otherwise contacted us.  In the days to come, as we process our grief, there will inevitably be a current of fear that deters us perhaps from going to a public gathering and in general erodes our security and trust.  We should not let this happen, and need not.  Without by any means neglecting reasonable precautions, we can take up (or reinforce, if we’ve already taken up) the practice of a mantram — a spiritual formula we repeat whenever unwanted thoughts intrude in our mind, or almost any time.  This link will take you to a reliable source of information about this simple, but effective practice.

We are also taking action on this tragedy, not just to channel our grief but with the hope of making a real difference for all the children.  One example will be seen here; it is a draft and your comments will be appreciated.

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Sherri Maurin
January 3, 2013

The day after this horrific tragedy my nephew (now 20) and I went to a meditation with Spirit Rock teacher, Howard (Howie) Cohn. The focus was not only on the families of all those who had been slain, but also on the perpetrator….My nephew and I are both in deep grief that a 20 year old, with seemingly an entire adult life ahead, was in such a profoundly dark place to belief the only possible avenue was to take out as many as possible before killing himself. How can this be? What can we, as a loving community, do to recognize, and reach out to such tragically depressed individuals well in advance of their radical actions. The increasing frequency of this encourages, and I would suggest actually mandates, that we address this deep challenge of the profoundly wounded. What do you all think?