Meditation for Peacemakers: New E-Short!

Looking for a good book to add to your summer reading list?

 Check out Metta’s latest offering,

“Meditation for Peacemakers”

Dear Friends of the Metta Center,
We hope you are all well. We are pleased to announce the arrival of our very first e-short! “Meditation for Peacemakers,” written by Michael Nagler, addresses the need for the cultivation of our inner lives, with an emphasis on meditation, as we work for social change in the world around us. You can find it here.  The greater portion of the proceeds supports the work and programs of the Metta Center. After many hours of hard work, we hope you enjoy this read as we slip into summer.
Warm Regards,
Gerard, on behalf of the Metta Team.
P.S. Here is a synopsis of the e-short as well as a list of chapters to whet your appetite.
“Nonviolence is the bridge between spiritual practice and social change,” says author Michael Nagler. In this e-short, he describes a time-tested system of meditation called “passage meditation” that can effectively help those looking for peace in the world harmonize their efforts with a greater sense of peace within themselves. This is not for activists alone; anyone looking for a greater purpose for their lives, and a scientific basis for harnessing the power of their mind into “love in action” will find this booklet a good read.

I.                Meditation and Nonviolence
II.              What is Meditation?
III.            How to do Passage Meditation
IV.             Staying Alert
V.              Benefits of Meditation
VI.            Using a Mantram
VII.          How to Choose a Mantram
VIII.        The Supporting Practices
IX.           Breathing Out: Dealing with Rage and Sorrow
X.             Afterword 
XI.          Passages for Meditation