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Laws of Nature: Daily Metta

“A thing acquired by violence can be retained by violence alone, while one acquired by truth can be retained only by truth.” Gandhi had a keen eye for what he called “laws of nature,” and the quote above was one of them. Any achievement attained through violence—power over others, money, possessions—can only be kept through… read more

“Our dignity, our unity”–Daily Metta

“It turns out our dignity is closely linked to our unity.” In today’s Daily Metta, Michael tries to get us to look beyond the surface of hatred toward any particular group to the issue of hatred itself. What causes that and what can we do to challenge it, for the good of everyone?  … read more

“The awareness of violence”–Daily Metta

“Our age is not the age of violence; it is the age of the awareness of violence.” -Jacques Ellul In today’s Daily Metta, Michael Nagler explores the idea of changing the way we think about nonviolence in order to come up with more useful solutions, drawing from the statement Ellul. Share your questions, comments and reflections below!… read more

“Hard questions, hard answers”–Daily Metta

“I refuse to believe in the journalistic cliche, ‘meaningless violence.'” Michael Nagler asks us to think more deeply about the causes of violence and encourages us to ask three hard questions. Comment, question, or reflect below!… read more

“The miracle at Gaviotas”–Daily Metta

“There had been seeds that had been waiting there for maybe thousands of years.” Michael Nagler discusses the seeds of renewal in our own existence, drawing an analogy to the Gaviotan rainforest that sprung from a desert.… read more

“My nonviolence lineage”–Daily Metta

“I was the shortest kid in Midwood High School” In this Daily Metta, Michael Nagler responds to a question from a friend who wrote in, wanting to hear more about his nonviolence lineage. Comment on this Daily Metta below, and send us your questions!… read more