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The Heart of Peacebuilding

Life is a sacred challenge of radical unknowability, and it will eventually push you out of this universe. But how you respond to that challenge, therein lies your divine truth, and the discovery of your eternal nature. The desert is your teacher, but your destiny is your own soul. -Marc Gopin We hold a vision… read more

Justice for all women–from Iraq to the U.S.

  Nonviolence in the News with Prof. Nagler and a wonderful interview with Farah Al Mousawi. Here’s someone whose story you need to hear. Farah arrived in the United States in 2008 on an exchange program to study at Dominican University of California. She didn’t ever dream of wanting to be in the States—she is… read more

TedX talk in Fremont, June 1 2014!

MICHAEL TO GIVE TEDx TALK! Sunday, June 1st, Michael will start the month off right with his first TED talk, entitled “Daring to Explore the World Within: A Tale of Two Paradigms.”  It will take place sometime between 10-11:30 am in the  C120 Amphitheatre of Mission San Jose High School 41717 Palm Avenue Fremont, California 94539. To reserve… read more

99 Rise and the March for Democracy

“Address corruption–get money out of politics–restore Democracy” Find 99Rise on Facebook or visit their website by clicking the image above. Welcome to Peace Paradigm Radio. The show begins with a look at some local, national and international nonviolence in the news, then we turn to look at the California March for Democracy the day before the… read more

Direct Action: Ending a detainer policy, supporting immigrant rights

In this podcast on Direct Action, Jill Malone talks about a community victory to put an end to an unlawful detainer policy in Santa Clara County jails, thus growing support of local immigrant rights. Malone describes some of the challenges of the campaign and how they were overcome, and how the victory helped Santa Clara County campaigners… read more

Direct Action: Strategy, recruitment and creativity with Tom Hastings

  Tom Hastings is a journalist, a professor in the Conflict Resolution Dept. at Portland State, a long-time activist, and expert nonviolent strategist and theorist. In this short podcast in our Variations on Direct Action series, Hastings discusses the infinite creative potential of nonviolence, the power and necessity of a well-planned strategy, and discusses the interrelated… read more

The Creative Power of Nonviolence: a conversation with Tom Hastings

  In this show, we begin by exploring nonviolence in the news, where you’ll hear Michael express concern over some recent propaganda he heard at his gym about Fracking (hint: it linked it to nationalism), you’ll hear Stephanie express concern over Sarah Palin’s recent statement about water boarding (hint: it has to do with feminism),… read more

Building a Movement: Metta’s First Roadmap Fellow

Anna Ikeda is a nonprofit project manager dedicated to human rights, community development and nuclear abolition. She graduated from University of Denver with MA in International Human Rights, and completed her BA at Soka University of America. Her passion for nonviolence derives from her belief in each life’s dignity and conviction that people have the… read more

Exploring Gandhian Economics…

    The Metta Center has a mantra for action: you can do anything you want, as long as you do not degrade a human being in the process. That’s any human being. And because of our interconnection with all of life, when we raise the human image, interestingly, human beings do not lash out on their… read more