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PACS 164-c Session 2

The second session of our 8 week Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS 164-c) at the Metta Center with Professor Michael Nagler. Topic: What is nonviolence? On the scapegoating system and some thoughts on pre-history. Resource: Names, books, films mentioned in this lecture. Resource: Topics in course, time-stamped Video: Audio below: Podcast: Play in new window | Download… read more

Urban Shield and Militarization of Law Enforcement

 These t-shirts were sold at the Urban Shield event in Oakland, 2014. This photo, of Berkeley law enforcement in military fatigues, was taken at Urban Shield 2011. Peace Paradigm Radio looks at Urban Shield and the militarization of the law enforcement agents in the United States. We are joined by Oakland activist Nichola Torbett to… read more

PACS 164-c Session 1

The first session of our 8 week Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS 164-c) at the Metta Center with Professor Michael Nagler. Topic: The New Story: Wisdom Traditions and Science Resource: Names, books, films mentioned in this lecture. Video:   Or Audio.   Podcast: Play in new window | Download… read more

Obstructive Program

Obstructive Program is the use of civil disobedience to change an unjust or oppressive social order.  Obstructive program together with constructive program make up the two branches of Gandhi’s Satyagraha. This term was coined by Michael Nagler.… read more

Empathy, Compassion and Nonviolent Intervention

“I think we all have empathy. We may not have enough courage to display it.” –Maya Angelou (Botticelli’s La primavera is set in a bitter orange grove. . .  What does this have to do with our show? Read below…) Empathy and compassion are essential to personal well-being. They are also skills we can develop that help… read more

Water Activism in Detroit, Michigan

  Michael Nagler begins this show with nonviolence in the news for the week of August 8. Then we turn to our main interview: Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes provide close to 21 percent of all of the fresh water we use throughout in the world, and yet people in Michigan are having their… read more

Why Being Human Matters, for the People of Gaza and the World

Published on Saturday, August 02, 2014 by Waging Nonviolence By Stephanie Van Hook   The Xhosa concept of ubuntu, combined with the Arabic word intifada — as seen in  this graffiti on the “separation” wall in Bethlehem — roughly translates to mean: uplifting human dignity through nonviolence. (WNV / Van Hook)   Dr. Mona El-Farra, medical doctor… read more

Translating Metta for Spanish Speakers

Erika Saca-Schader Erika nació en El Salvador en 1981 en plena guerra civil. A pesar de haberse criado relativamente aislada de la cruda realidad nacional, siempre estuvo consciente del sufrimiento y la violencia en su entorno y trató de comprenderla desde pequeña. Antes de mudarse a California, Erika trabajó como Creativa en publicidad mientras completaba… read more

Art, Feminism and Nonviolence

Got to love the Guerrilla Girls… But wait! Did you know that the Brooklyn Museum has a wing of feminist art? The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art is an exhibition and education environment dedicated to feminist art—its past, present, and future. Among the most ambitious, influential, and enduring artistic movements to emerge in… read more

The US Department of Arts and Culture

This show was approved by the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture. . . Wait, what? There is actually a USDAC?! Yes, it is a parallel institution, a form of nonviolent constructive program that we talk about so often here at the Metta Center–build the institutions you want without waiting for those at the top… read more