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Deepest Nature: Daily Metta

“And if we go deeply into the matter, we shall come across men in every walk of life who lead dedicated lives. No doubt these sacrificers obtain their livelihood by their work. But their livelihood is not their objective, but only a by-product of their vocation. . .” ~ Gandhi, From Yeravda Mandir, pp. 57-60… read more

Civilization: Daily Metta

“Formerly, when people wanted to fight with one another, they measured between them their bodily strength; now, it is possible to take away thousands of lives by one man working behind a gun from a hill. This is civilization. (. . .) This civilization is such that one has only to be patient and it… read more

Civil Disobedience: Daily Metta

“So is the capacity for civil disobedience acquired after one has disciplined oneself in complete and voluntary obedience of the laws of the land.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, March 17, 1946 Civil disobedience is a conscious and strategic form of non-cooperation with an unjust law, followed in a civil and nonviolent manner. Gandhi contrasts it with… read more

Real Revolution: Daily Metta

“Satyagraha is a process of educating public opinion, such that it covers all the elements of society and in the end makes itself irresistible. Violence interrupts the process and prolongs the real revolution of the whole social structure.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, March, 31, 1946 It was true for Gandhi’s time and it is true for… read more

Immense Love: Daily Metta

“If it is allowed for some that the practice of love is possible, it is arrogance not to allow even the possibility of its practice in all the others.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, September 26, 1936 While we never cling to them, there are certainly fruits associated with a reverential and circumspect practice of nonviolence, or… read more

Self-sufficiency: Daily Metta

“We do not want to universalize the Charkha through mass production in one place.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, October 20, 1946 The spinning wheel, Gandhi was firm, should not become a centralized product that makes spinners dependent on someone far away to manufacture or fix them. They should be built in the villages directly, and every… read more

The Searchlight: Daily Metta

“You have to magnify your own faults a thousandfold and shut your eyes to the faults of your neighbors. That is the only way to real progress.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, October 26, 1947 Just a year before the end of his life, Gandhi was pouring out jewels of wisdom about the inward dynamics of the… read more

Accounting: Daily Metta

“Let every youth take a leaf out of my book and make it a point to account for everything that comes into and goes out of his pocket.” ~ Gandhi, Autobiography, p. 52 Gandhi began while in England as a young man studying law to take very good records of his expenses and income. Offering… read more

On Spinning: Daily Metta

“To see Gangabehn at her loom is a stirring sight. When this unlettered but self-possessed sister plies at her loom, she becomes so lost in it that it is difficult to distract her attention, and much more difficult to draw her eyes off her beloved loom.” ~ Gandhi, Autobiography, p. 494 We all know by… read more