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Need, Not Greed: Daily Metta

“Religion is never opposed to economics, but is always ranged against profits.” ~ Gandhi, Ashram Observances, p. 97 This is a foundational concept in Gandhi’s system of economics: to serve need, not greed. Such a focus allows for a system to take care of everyone. Gandhi goes so far as to maintain that whatever excess… read more

Nourishment: Daily Metta

“Food must therefore be taken as medicine, under proper restraint.” ~ Gandhi, Ashram Observances, p. 112 Gandhi was firm that food should be prepared to strengthen the body and mind for service, and it should not be taken for self-indulgence. There is already research that can show the connection between sugar intake and one’s ability… read more

Leadership: Daily Metta

“Let no one say that he is a follower of Gandhi. (…) You are no followers but fellow-students, fellow-pilgrims, fellow-seekers, fellow workers.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, March 2, 1940 Leadership does not need to mean authoritarianism. Discipline does not require hierarchy. Often, it is when leadership and self/group discipline are lacking that a vacuum is created… read more

Part of the Whole: Daily Metta

“This earthly existence of ours is more brittle than the glass bangles that ladies wear.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, February 2, 1934 When Death comes to take us, we return our bodies as dust to this beautiful earth. Nonviolence requires that we keep this in the back of our minds as we move throughout the day,… read more

Service State of Mind: Daily Metta

“Service and not bread becomes with us the staff of life. We eat and drink, sleep and wake for service alone. Such an attitude of mind brings us real happiness.” ~ Gandhi, from Yeravda Mandir, p. 4 Gandhi is turning the propaganda wing of militarism, the commercial mass media, on its head by emphasizing that… read more

Real Power: Daily Metta

“The real rulers are the toiling millions.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, June 15, 1947 All revolution has to begin with one strategy: change and transform our vision of what makes someone powerful. For Gandhi, real power came from work and labor: spiritual and societal. Those who reap the fruits of the work of others for their… read more

Uplifting for All: Daily Metta

“All obstacles in our path will vanish, if only we observe the golden rule that we must not be impatient with those whom we may consider to be in error, but must be prepared, if need be, to suffer in our own person.” ~ Gandhi, from Gandhi’s Dialogue with Christianity, p. 5 (published by Swaraj… read more

Openness: Daily Metta

“Experience has taught me that it is a mistake hastily to imagine that anything that we cannot understand is necessarily wrong.” ~ Gandhi, from Gandhi’s Dialogue with Christianity, p. 4 (published by Swaraj Peeth) Gandhi teaches us that approaching life with an open heart and an open mind is not just to make us feel… read more

Law of Love: Daily Metta

“The law of love could be best understood and learned through little children.” ~ Gandhi, Mind of Mahatma Gandhi, p. 423 To learn great life lessons from children, we have to shift our view of who they are and what they are capable of. We cannot let ourselves assume a “power over” attitude, using coercion… read more

Your Path: Daily Metta

“Truth is the exclusive property of no single religion.” ~ Gandhi, Young India, 9-25, 1924 “Spiritual monoculture” is an oxymoron. Any state or organization that tries to create this unnatural environment will only make itself, and its participants, insecure. Gandhi demonstrated in his own life that you can be true to a single path without… read more