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Nonviolence and Nonviolent Communication

In honor of Marshall Rosenberg October 6, 1934-February 7, 2015 Peace Paradigm Radio explores the power of active nonviolence. Our show begins with Michael Nagler’s inspiring and empowering review of nonviolence in the news from around the world. Then we begin to explore the relationship between nonviolence and nonviolent communication. Beyond its powerful potential in… read more

“Ideal of Interdependence”–Daily Metta

February 20: “Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of humanity as self-sufficiency.” –Gandhi (Young India, 3-21-1929) Though Gandhi’s campaign in India is referred to as an “independence” movement it was more precisely a struggle for liberation. For Gandhi, liberation–both personal and social–is a matter of realizing right relationships to (if I… read more

“Make an offering of nonviolence”–Daily Metta

February 19: “Yajña is not yajña if one feels it to be burdensome or annoying.” –Gandhi (From Yervada Mandir, pp. 57-60) (The Salt March (pictured here) was a form of yajña.) Yajña is the Sanskrit term for sacrifice or offering.  Of course, this is not limited to Hinduism. Muslims offer yajña yearly during the month-long… read more

“The Virtues of Nonviolence”–Daily Metta

February 18: “There is not a single virtue that aims at, or is content with, the welfare of the individual alone. Conversely, there is not a single offense which does not, directly or indirectly, affect many others besides the actual offender.” –Gandhi (Ethical Religion, p. 55) One of the most important virtues for Gandhi was… read more

“Nonviolence as Ayurveda”–Daily Metta

February 17: “The whole world is like the human body with its various members. Pain in one member is felt in the whole body.” –Gandhi (Harijan, 5-26-1946, p. 154) (Click on image at left to read Gandhi’s Guide to Health)  Preventing disease and curing our bodies naturally is the goal of the 5,000 year old… read more

“True Democracy and Nonviolence”–Daily Metta

February 16: “I believe that true democracy can only be an outcome of nonviolence.” –Gandhi (Gandhi’s Correspondence with the Government 1942-1944, p. 143) While violence is often considered the prerogative of democracies, and even a way of spreading the principle, if you think about it, violence and democracy are actually incompatible. In violence, you must… read more

“Means and Ends”–Daily Metta

February 15: “Means and ends are convertible terms in my philosophy of life.” –Gandhi (Young India, 12-26-1924, p. 424) Where conventional thought suggests that the “ends justify the means,” Gandhi emphasized the importance of the means–how we do it– over the ends–what we want to happen. He is only being practical, as our means are… read more

“Force of Love”–Daily Metta

February 14: “The force of love is the same as the force of the soul or truth. We have evidence of it working at every step. The universe would disappear without the existence of that force.” –Gandhi (Hind Swaraj, pp. 77-79) What passes for love in popular music videos, television, and film often has very… read more

“Gandhi’s Mantram”–Daily Metta

February 13 “When a child, my nurse taught me to repeat Ramanama whenever I felt afraid or miserable, and it has been second nature with me with growing knowledge and advancing years.” –Gandhi (Harijan, 8-17-1934, p. 213) Ramanama is the repetition of the Rama’s name (Rama-nama). Rama is the name of a Hindu diety whose… read more

“Not by reason alone”–Daily Metta

February 12 “The conviction has been growing upon me that things of fundamental importance to the people are not secured by reason alone, but have to be purchased with their suffering.” –Gandhi (Young India, 3-19-1931)   Gandhi does not hide the very unpopular fact that when one decides to undertake nonviolent discipline, one is preparing… read more