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Reaching Out

Reaching out to those who disagree with us is challenging, but vitally necessary.  Give it a try.  Have a friendly discussion with someone who doesn’t ‘get’ nonviolence.  They’re in the majority, after all!  Practice separating the person from the ideas — a critical skill for satyagrahis.  Take note of points where you need to marshall… read more

Awakening the Conscience of Nuclear Scientists

Chelsea Collonge The Power of Nonviolence: Something to Chew On Reflections on the Fast for a Nuclear-Free UC (Note: this article will also appear in the student journal, PeacePower) From May 9-17, 2007, more than 40 individuals at four University of California campuses conducted the “No More Nukes In Our Name!” Hunger Strike. Through this… read more

Michael Nagler wins Bajaj Award

We are proud to announce that Metta’s founder has received the Jamnalal Bajaj international award for “promoting Gandhian values outside India.” For a brief account of this year’s awards click here. Michael joins such distinguished contributors to nonviolence as Archbishop Desmond Tutu and peace scholar and activist Johan Galtung in receiving this honor. To Support… read more

“Saffron Revolution” Reaches Critical Stage in Burma

Burma and the Press As of this writing (Thursday, September 27) a nonviolent movement is reaching its crisis in Burma. In 1988 over 3,000 students were killed — massacred would not be too strong a word — when they protested the military takeover of their country. Their courageous, charismatic leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, though… read more

“Saffron Revolution” unfolding in Burma!

Thousands of Monks Peacefully Confront Military in Burma Students of principled nonviolence have long upheld Aung San Suu Kyi, Buddhist and leader of Burma’s democracy movement, as a luminary of nonviolent social change. On Saturday, the Burmese military junta allowed 500 monks to visit Suu Kyi at her home-prison, yielding to the recent massive nonviolent… read more