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Sex and Scapegoats

THOSE OF US who believe in karma, in its Eastern or Western forms (“As ye sow, so shall ye reap”), must have seen more than hypocrisy in the recent airing of Senator Craig’s performance during the impeachment process against then-President Clinton. The Senator’s self-righteous call for the Democratic President’s removal from office for his “immorality”… read more

Civilian-Based Defense

Civilian-based defense (CBD) is a nonviolent form of defense against invasion or revolutionary overthrow of a government. This technique has been well documented and made somewhat known to the public by Gene Sharp in his books The Politics of Nonviolent Action (3 vols. 1973) and Civilian-Based Defense: a Post-Military Weapons System (1990). In CBD citizens… read more

Movie Review: Lage Raho Munna Bhai

You will not often find us reviewing Bollywood films on this site, but Lage Raho (roughly, ‘keep on truckin’ Munna buddy) is something of a cultural phenomenon that may even — dare we say it — move the ‘wheel of the Dharma’ just a tink further toward a nonviolent future. Let me explain. While it… read more