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Mindless in Gaza

Revised January 14, 2009. I have just gotten off the phone with my friend and colleague Oren Yiftachel, a co-founder, with Dr. Eyad El Sarraj of Gaza, of the Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace.  Prof. Yiftachel lives and works in Beer-Sheva, which is within range of the Qassam rockets coming from Gaza.  Yet when I asked… read more

The Death of Consumerism — or Humanity

A bit over thirty years ago I was listening to the news of the Jonestown massacre in Guyana, where 900 Americans committing suicide and murder, in some cases on their own children, at the behest of a deranged ‘charismatic’ cultist promising them rewards in Heaven.  Memories of this shock came back to me in an… read more

Voluntary Simplicity

This is a golden opportunity to try some voluntary simplicity.  As described in our latest blog post, Form Meltdown to ‘Miracle’, the faltering of the global economy — some say, of capitalism itself — makes this a time like no other to buy less, ‘plant calories,’ turn to renewables wherever possible, and in general build… read more

Reaching Out

Reaching out to those who disagree with us is challenging, but vitally necessary.  Give it a try.  Have a friendly discussion with someone who doesn’t ‘get’ nonviolence.  They’re in the majority, after all!  Practice separating the person from the ideas — a critical skill for satyagrahis.  Take note of points where you need to marshall… read more

Awakening the Conscience of Nuclear Scientists

Chelsea Collonge The Power of Nonviolence: Something to Chew On Reflections on the Fast for a Nuclear-Free UC (Note: this article will also appear in the student journal, PeacePower) From May 9-17, 2007, more than 40 individuals at four University of California campuses conducted the “No More Nukes In Our Name!” Hunger Strike. Through this… read more