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The ‘Real’ 9/11: a Celebration

Some of you may know that this is the 103rd anniversary of the birth of [[Satyagraha]]: September 11th, 1906 at the Empire Jewish Theater in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Not the birth of the principle, which as Gandhi said was already ‘as old as the hills,’ but the launching of his mighty ‘experiments with Truth’ —… read more

Mirror Neurons

Mirror neurons in the brain fire not only when an animal acts, but also when an animal observes another animal act.  Brain scientists at the University of Parma discovered these neurons in the late 1980′s. The discovery was made using new, non-invasive technologies that enable scientists to detect the activity or firing of single neurons… read more

Is This Really About Healthcare?

Like many, I have been taken aback by the coarse violence — and effective organization — of the backlash against President Obama’s proposed healthcare package.  The lying, shouting, and disruption of what might have been reasoned debates bodes ill for the political culture, and hence the political destiny, of this country.  During the neoconservative hysteria… read more

The Cassandra Syndrome

Last month, 57 people have lost their lives in eight mass shootings across America. “The killing grounds,” Timothy Egan wrote in the New York Times last week, “include a nursing home, a center for new immigrants, a child’s bedroom. Before that it was a church, a college, a daycare center.”  It is hard to argue… read more

Silver Linings

Forward-looking thinkers who are — for now — on the ‘prophetic’ fringe of mainstream economics have been saying for some time that the shocking fragility of our fiscal system, and our economy generally, is an ‘opportunity’ as well as a ‘crisis.’ In the words of David Korten of the Positive Futures Network, what we should… read more