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Grief is Not Enough

Michael N. Nagler     Originally posted at Tikkun Magazine:         “We are heartbroken, yes. But saying that will fix nothing. It won’t bring anyone back, and it won’t keep this from happening again.” This lament by Lisa Belkin in yesterday’s Huffington Post is self-evidently true.  Our hearts have been broken… read more

Gaza: A time to reflect

by Michael Nagler This partial check to the mad violence unleashed last week on Gaza, while it comes as a great relief to all of us, should also be an opportunity to refocus our determination that this violence stop happening, and never happen anywhere again. The big picture is this: we live in a violent… read more

The “Real Wheel”

That man came back from South Africa, having realized God, and quietly set about solving every problem in the modern world. When Michael Nagler heard this quiet, dramatic statement by his meditation teacher, Sri Eknath Easwaran of the Blue Mt. Center of Meditation, it changed his life. These two pictures are an attempt to illustrate… read more

Compassion Research

This posting from the Greater Good Research Center at UC, Berkeley is a superb example of what Sudheendra Kulkarni calls “modern science’s unmistakable journey from man’s outer reality to his inner reality.” Kulkarni’s own book, The Music of the Spinning Wheel, argues that the internet, if properly handled, could be the equivalent of Gandhi’s charkha (!).  Read… read more

Reflections on a Double Strategy

Written for and originally posted at Service Space.    I know Cindy and Craig Corrie.  They were not seeking revenge when they brought a civil case against the Israeli government for the appalling death of their daughter Rachel, who was crushed under an Israeli military bulldozer when she was trying to protect a Palestinian home… read more

Art as murder

“The only thing that you can control, and you must therefore control, is the imagery in your own mind.” – Epictetus Until today I didn’t even know there was such a thing as white supremacist music.  Wade Michael Page knew; the “domestic terrorist” who killed six people at the Oak Creek Sikh temple in Wisconsin… read more

Spirit and Science in the Vedanta

IN AUGUST OF 1932, MAHATMA GANDHI WAS IN PRISON WHEN NEWS REACHED him that the “Paramount Power,” the British Raj, planned to introduce separate electorates for the untouchables and the caste Hindus. Believing that this would amount to a “vivisection” of India, what was he to do? On September 13th he stunned the nation by… read more

Raising the curtain on “Gandhi Center Stage”

“History … is a record of an interruption of the course of nature. Soul-force, being natural, is not noted in history.” —M.K.Gandhi I have never bothered to respond to Gandhi detractors because, like the Mahatma himself, I tend to think their pathetic writings are best left to die a natural death—the eventual fate of all… read more

Upcoming conference

The annual conference of the Ahimsa Center at Cal Poly will focus on “Ahimsa and human happiness.” Conference speakers  and panelists are drawn from wide variety of disciplines to examine the relationship between ahimsa and sustainable happiness.   For conference details, please visit .… read more