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Remembering Our Humanity

“Remember our humanity, and forget all the rest.” Albert Einstein The decade has not begun with a paean to human wisdom.  Two recent acts of folly in particular share a deep and pernicious connection that bears some pondering, and I am not even referring to the capture of Ted Kennedy’s seat in a Massachusetts.  I… read more

The Ironies of Peace

In 1982 Mother Teresa of Calcutta stunned the world by announcing that she was going into a raging conflict in Beirut to rescue disabled children from an abandoned orphanage. It was during the bombardment that Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel called “Operation Peace [that word again] for Galilee.” It was a stunning gesture, perfectly… read more

Afghanistan: What Would a Real Policy Look Like?

At a Washington meeting some years back Rep. Jim Moran of VA said to a group of us who had come to discuss Mideast policy, “All foreign policy is domestic politics.”  The recently announced ‘surge’ of 30,000 additional troops for Afghanistan was designed to placate political pressures on the President, which, even if it were… read more

The ‘Real’ 9/11: a Celebration

Some of you may know that this is the 103rd anniversary of the birth of [[Satyagraha]]: September 11th, 1906 at the Empire Jewish Theater in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Not the birth of the principle, which as Gandhi said was already ‘as old as the hills,’ but the launching of his mighty ‘experiments with Truth’ —… read more

Mirror Neurons

Brain scientists at the University of Parma in the late 1980′s made an amazing discovery.  They were using new, non-invasive technologies that enable scientists to detect the activity (‘firing’) of single neurons in the brains of, in this case, monkeys, and disovered a set of motor neurons that fire not only when the monkey performs… read more