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Spirit and Science in the Vedanta

IN AUGUST OF 1932, MAHATMA GANDHI WAS IN PRISON WHEN NEWS REACHED him that the “Paramount Power,” the British Raj, planned to introduce separate electorates for the untouchables and the caste Hindus. Believing that this would amount to a “vivisection” of India, what was he to do? On September 13th he stunned the nation by… read more

Raising the curtain on “Gandhi Center Stage”

“History … is a record of an interruption of the course of nature. Soul-force, being natural, is not noted in history.” —M.K.Gandhi I have never bothered to respond to Gandhi detractors because, like the Mahatma himself, I tend to think their pathetic writings are best left to die a natural death—the eventual fate of all… read more

Upcoming conference

The annual conference of the Ahimsa Center at Cal Poly will focus on “Ahimsa and human happiness.” Conference speakers  and panelists are drawn from wide variety of disciplines to examine the relationship between ahimsa and sustainable happiness.   For conference details, please visit .… read more

Economics of peace educational materials

We received this email recently that seems to contain very useful teaching material.  Let us know if you use it!  (The links don’t seem to work from this blog but you can reach them through their website). Dear Educator, I hope that you are having a pleasant summer.  As the fall semester approaches, I wanted… read more

Spinning Wheel #3: Facing Fascism

by Michael Nagler Police brutality, suppression of dissent, heartless cruelty toward the disadvantaged, xenophobia and other forms of racism, Freikorps-type vigilante groups, corporate domination subjugating law and government, election fraud and war — America has virtually all the telltale characteristics of fascism, not just some.  And it could not be otherwise, because the culture of… read more

The Spinning Wheel #1: Why Vets Commit Suicide

Nicholas Kristoff is someone I admire as a writer and a person.  His recent article on the disgrace of the Veterans Administration – how it abandons traumatized vets if their scars happen to be, as they increasingly are, mental or spiritual in nature – is poignant and important.  But it overlooks, as most modern media… read more

Do we live in a meaningless universe?

 Ours is not an empty, disorderly world, but an exquisitely structured web whose design embraces and affects all living things. –Sally Goerner WESTERN CIVILIZATION could be considered a grand experiment, culminating in the three-plus centuries of the industrial revolution, to see if the universe could be accounted for without resorting to the concept of a… read more

A Nonviolent Future for Korea

On the bus from Incheon Airport to Seoul where we were going to participate in a six-nation seminar on nonviolence and the possibilities for reunification we found ourselves across the aisle from a young fellow who was eager to show us pictures of his recent trip to the North where, we would soon learn, groups… read more

Is President Obama to Blame?

  Michael N. Nagler     Rabbi Michael Lerner’s recent call to the progressive community to run a candidate who would put pressure on President Obama to move back to the agenda he laid out, or rather implied, in his inspiring campaign of November, 2008 puts attention back on the natural, but misleading question of… read more

Overview: Toward a Nonviolent Future

Toward a Nonviolent Future Metta will dedicate 2011 to putting before spiritual activists and all interested parties the following four-fold plan for a concerted major campaign that we see as the best approach to a nonviolent future.  Each of these items will of course need elaboration, and we have been considering convening a strategic council… read more