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Stopping Violence – podcast

“We’re talking about stopping violence with nonviolence.” ~Mary Hanna, Meta Peace Team What kind of training is useful and necessary to use nonviolence to interrupt violence? Mary Hanna, a trainer for the Meta Peace Team in Lansing, Michigan, highlights the work of peace teams and draws on decades of experience in de-escalating violent scenarios to… read more

Go Forward Gently: Newsletter

Clarity, Not Confusion The speed with which things are moving in opposite directions today is exciting—if not scary! And it’s worldwide: Finland just moved to the right and France to the left, mirroring internal trends in US politics. It shows that people are seriously confused about the state of the world and the forces that… read more

Nonviolence News for May 12, 2017.

I had learnt the true practice of law. I had learnt to find out the better side of human nature and to enter men’s hearts. I realized that the true function of a lawyer was to unite parties riven asunder. The lesson was so indelibly burnt into me that a large part of my time… read more

Grateful for Beloved Community: Newsletter

Nonviolence, Not Arms Deals At the Metta Center, we do not try to justify nonviolence as a tool to “get what we want” alone; we look at it through the lens of a new culture altogether: exploring the space where science, wisdom, history, spirituality, and human (and animal) psychology intersect. It’s thrilling—there’s so much to… read more

Nonviolence in the Middle East – Podcast

This week guest Michael Beer, executive director of Nonviolence International joins us to discuss nonviolence movements, past and present, in the middle east and how we can support them. The US government is handing 110 billion dollars worth of arms to Saudi Arabia to “build security and stop terrorism.” We suspect that this money will… read more

We All Belong: Newsletter

Here’s to Lifelong Learning News: Our annual Certificate in Nonviolence Studies program, an in-depth exploration of the theory and practice of nonviolence, started this week. We’re immensely inspired by the group of participants, who come from all corners of the globe—and who are deeply committed to learning about nonviolence. This week’s newsletter includes all kinds… read more

The Science of Nonviolence – podcast

Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris, evolution biologist and futurist, joins us on Nonviolence Radio this week, where we take a scientific perspective of nonviolence in honor of the recent March for Science. Sahtouris is also an author and speaker and discusses many aspects of biology, history, evolution and science, including why the cooperative aspects of evolution as… read more